Thursday, January 26, 2017

Enriching Education: Lunar New Year

While 2017 has begun, Jan. 28 marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year. As we approach the date, Minnesota-based creative agency TREAT & COMPANY is celebrating the Year of the Rooster by creating unique 3D printed, hand-painted Fire Rooster Toke n Pins. They have some fun facts about the Year of the Rooster to share.

Fun Facts: 
·       The fire rooster is said to spark honesty, loyalty, wisdom and fortitude. 
·       Lunar New Year is the first day of a secular, sacred or other guise who months are coordinated by the cycles of the moon.
·       According to legend, people born in each animal’s year have some of that animal’s personality traits.
·       It is a holiday celebrated by 1/5 of the world’s population. Schools in China get a month off and universities even more.
·       The Lunar New Year has been celebrated for more than 4,000 years. Farmers started the holiday in China to mark the end of winter and beginning of spring.

About the Pins:
·       The locally manufactured and designed tokens, or pins, are made from VisiJet material, known for its superior strength and fit. 
·       Each limited edition Year of the Rooster pin costs $16.99, with free shipping.
·       Hoping to celebrate other years? TREAT & COMPANY offers 11 other zodiac animals alongside the fire rooster for $12.99 each, with free shipping. 
The versatility of the pins makes them the perfect gift to commemorate and celebrate major life events, from weddings to anniversaries, and new babies to birthdays. To learn more and check out all the pins, visit the Lunar Token website, which will launch the fire rooster token on Jan. 28, the start of Lunar New Year. 
Please let me know if you would like more information or high-resolution images of the pins.

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