Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Laguna Blue Towels

I recently had the chance to interview the creators of Laguna Blue Towels. Laguna Blue towels are new antibacterial towels that are 99.8%* effective in preventing the spread of germs and diseases, including life threatening MRSA. Mom’s love Laguna Blue because they are soft, economical, eco-friendly and help keep their family healthy. 
  • In 2004, a contaminated gym towel left one of Laguna Blue’s founders, Kenny Perry, fighting for his life. The towel was infected with MRSA, and in a matter of days, doctors were considering amputating his left leg. Fortunately, Kenny survived and made a full recovery, and he was inspired to create a line of towels that help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, like MRSA. 
  • Additionally, Laguna Blue offers incredible energy savings. Your washer and dryer use the most energy out of any household appliances. Laguna Blue towels need less water and less energy-- saving the environment while saving you money. The towels also have a unique knit that absorbs liquid faster, yet dries twice as quickly as cotton towels. 
  • Laguna Blue towels are available at retailers, including online at Walmart and Amazon.  They cost $34.56 for a set of two bath towels, $19.40 for a set of four hand towels, and $21.85 for six washcloths.

  • Why were Laguna Blue towels created?
    The story of Laguna Blue (LB) came to life when the co-owner of the company, Kenny Perry, contracted life-threatening MRSA simply from a gym towel. Together with Bert Rubinsky, they researched and developed our unique towel (Laguna Blue) resistant to this harmful bacteria. The owners have over 30+ years experience in the textile rental/industrial laundry business. Through hands on testing and a drive to be leaders in their industry they continually found ways to become more innovative and efficient to be competitive and meet the needs of their customers. One of the company leaders became infected with MRSA and almost lost his life. It was determined he contracted MRSA from a cotton towel at the gym. After this event they reached out with their knowledge and understanding of fabrics to explore ways to help better protect people from infection. Through massive amounts of research and development  the owners teamed up with a technology company and an epidemiologist to go beyond fabrics. We found to break the chain of  infection spread throughout the community and hospital system we needed an approach that combined both technology and textiles. This led us on a path to define what were the unknowns and how can we help to better document correct behavior in breaking the chain of infection. One of the products developed through this was our microfiber toweling. We saw an opportunity in the retail market going beyond healthcare, to bring this product into the home. This led to the design of our Laguna Blue retail products that we launched in 2016 and continue to develop and expand today.
  • What sets them apart from traditional towels?
    What sets Laguna Blue apart is its ability to contain harmful bacteria, including life threatening MRSA (99.8% based on laboratory test with MRSA).  They dry 50% faster than cotton towels, making them less apt to harbor mold and mildew.  Traditional towels harbor all sorts of bacteria, and since most don’t wash their towels daily, this can help spread disease. In addition, LB towels are also non-linting (lint can be toxic), providing consumers with a safer towel for use. It’s lighter than cotton yet holds more water. The fabric is composed of microfibers (thinner than a human hair) which use van der Waals forces to attract fine dirt, sweat, and water. LB is considered by our consumers as the “smarter towel.”
  • How do they help keep protect the environment?
    Water conservation affects us all.  40 out of 50 states have at least one region that’s expected to face some kind of water shortage in the next ten years. LB towels use 50% less water, hold 7x their weight in water, use less energy and dry quickly.  Considering the washer and dryer use the most energy of any household appliance, Laguna Blue not only saves the environment, but saves consumers money.

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