Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Consumer Critique: BYOU Magazine

Valentine's Day just happened, but for many of our kids (like my daughters), the idea of romantic love is still a long way off. Instead, it's more important to think about self-love, and boosting the self-esteem of our children.

BYOU Magazine really promotes self-esteem and positive, healthy self-image in tween and teen girls. My older daughter absolutely loves the magazine and saves the issues for a long time until they're falling apart. It has the same look and feel of many teen/tween magazines, but with what I think is a much healthier perspective.

For example, there are tips on relationships, fashion, and beauty, but they are much more wholesome. Instead of promoting fashions and tips that make a girl look too grown up for their age, they promote having your own unique sense of style. Instead of tips that push toward dating relationships, they focus on healthy interactions with friends and peers.

From the issues my daughter has gotten of BYOU Magazine, it's a great option for girls who want to subscribe to a teen mag, but parents who are unhappy with some of the traditional girls magazines out there.

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