Monday, February 27, 2017

Fun Freetime: 15 Super Creative DIY Sewing Projects

Are you tired of making bags and blankets? Are you looking to stretch your creative muscles in a new and exciting way? Here are just 15 sewing projects that combine DIY and imagination.

1. Knotted Pillows
Square pillows are boring and traditional. Create these knotted pillows by rolling up poster boards and twisting your fabric into soft but unique shapes. They'll also make one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones!

2. Rainbow Zipper Pouch
This pouch is sure to turn heads when you draw it out of your purse. Not only is it made with fully functioning zippers, but it has an explosively colorful design that runs the entire rainbow spectrum.

3. Dish Towel Aprons
It doesn't get more creative than re-purposing your dish towels. Available at every grocery store on the planet, few people realize that these unremarkable pieces of fabric can be turned into amazingly stylish aprons for all of your cooking and cleaning needs.

4. Faux Fur Office Chairs
Warm and fuzzy, these office chairs are sure to liven up your cubicle. They'll also protect your upholstery from everyday wear and tear. As long as you use faux fur, they'll be environmentally friendly as well!

5. Heating Bags
When the weather outside is frightful, there's nothing better than curling up with a soft blanket and a heating bag. Made with fabric and stuffed with rice, it will be a cozy gift for recipients of all ages.

6. Fabric Wallet
The beauty of a fabric wallet is that there are endless possibilities in terms of style. Create it in whatever shape or size that you'd like; use fabric of all colors, patterns and material types; accessorize it with everything from beads to buttons. The only limit is your imagination.

7. Hammock Chair
If you're skilled in the world of DIY, creating your own hammock chairre will be a challenging but fulfilling project. It's made primarily of fabric, so no nails, screws or saws will be necessary.

8. Mermaid Skirt
Turn your daughter into Ariel when you sew her a mermaid skirt. Equal parts sparkly and stylish, it's perfect for dress-up games and movie reenactments. Just know that she probably won't want to take it off!

9. Mug-Can Organizer
Never lose your pens again when you put them in this fabulous mug organizer. You'll boost your productivity and your desk aesthetic with one simple crafting project.

10. DIY Camera Strap
If you prefer to see the world through a camera lens, you probably already realize the importance of having a good, reliable camera strap. This tutorial will help you create your own for maximum craftiness.

11. Five-Minute Bread Bag
Though intended for loaves of bread, these fun little bags can be used for everything from candy to coffee beans. All you need is a scrap of fabric and your regular sewing supplies. You can also get creative with beads, bells, ribbons, stickers and embroidered details.

12. Animal Bibs
Lunchtime will be a breeze when you cover your baby with a homemade animal bib. The linked patterns are an orange giraffe and a green alligator, and there are many others out there for the rest of the animal kingdom.

13. Reversible Fabric Basket
If you have any extra fleece fabric lying around, you can turn it into an amazing fabric box that can be used for a variety of storage and organizational purposes. It's even reversible for extra style points!

14. Plush Deer Head
This mounted deer head is made entirely out of fabric and fluff. The creator even added a flower to its antlers to make it a girl-friendly addition to her nursery! If you're looking for unique crafting ideas, consider this harm-free hunting project.

15. Sewn Birthday Cards
Instead of spending money on a mass-produced birthday card that will probably get thrown in the trash anyway, create a handmade version with cardstock and fabric scraps. They're cute; they're creative; they'll show your loved one that you really care. Everyone wins!

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