Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Parenting Pointers: What to Wear and Where to Find it: A guide to Winter Clothing

The winter season means a change in the weather when rain and snow often arrive. For many people, it means spending more time indoors and staying warm to stay comfortable. When it's time to brave the low temperatures while heading outdoors, there are a few important tips to follow on what to wear and where you can find the seasonal attire.

Slouchy Beanies
Slouchy beanies are trendy and can allow you to rock an urban look when you're headed outdoors. The accessory can be worn by both men and women who want to keep their head warm and prevent as much body heat from escaping. Slouchy beanies are easy to pair with fur jackets or long coats, which makes it a versatile item to take on the go. Slouchy beanies can be found at most department stores or at online retailers.

Military Jackets
Military jackets continue to hit the runway as popular winter attire for those who want to continue looking hip after the fall season comes to an end. Military jackets are rugged and edgy when you want to look fashionable while still using a functional item that is made with a thick material. Military jackets are often available in army green shades and camouflage prints to create a masculine look. You can find military jackets at stores that include H&M, Cotton On, and Urban Outfitters.

Fleece Jackets
Fleece jackets are perfect for layering when you're hitting the slopes and are gliding on fresh powder or are doing a bit of window shopping in a drier setting. The jackets are made from fleece fabric and are soft to the touch to make it easier to feel comfortable in harsh weather conditions. The jackets are also lightweight enough to be worn underneath a heavy coat for extra layering and are sold from brands that include Nike and Columbia.

Combat Boots
Combat boots continue to be one of the latest trends with winter clothing styles for both men and women who want traction while walking on wet pavements. Combat boots are durable and make it easy to trek through the snow or even walk the on the streets of a downtown area to stay warm. The boots are perfect to wear with jeans and an oversized coat to keep the chill away and prevent moisture from getting your socks wet as you spend time outdoors. You can find the shoes through brands that include Steve Madden and Sam Edelman at Macy's.

Hooded Jean Jackets
Hooded jean jackets nod to the '90s when grunge was trending and certain items didn't need to match. Consider wearing a cotton sweatshirt underneath a jean jacket to ensure that you can keep your head covered in rain or snow without resorting to wearing a hat. Pair the jean jackets with a different color of pants to avoid making the outfit match too much. You can find jean jackets through brands that include Gap and Levi's with a classic winter item that can carry over into the season from fall.

Long Underwear
Long underwear has been worn for several decades and is effective at insulating the body when you need more warmth in freezing temperatures. Both men and women can wear the item underneath their jeans or snow pants to prevent drafts and make it easier to withstand high winds. Long underwear can be found at department stores during the winter season.

Infinity Scarf
Keep your neck warm with an infinity scarf that will cover the skin in cold temperatures after you get dressed. Infinity scarves are easy to wear because they don't unravel and can be wrapped several times for an accessory that will work as the focal point of your outfit. Opt for pairing it with a fitted beanie or ear muffs for the perfect winter attire to wear until spring arrives.

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