Thursday, March 16, 2017

Money Makers: ecoATM and Parkmobile

ecoATM kiosks offer a unique way to get instant cash for old, unwanted, electronics. It’s easy to find one at many stores and malls nationwide. Simply plug an old smartphone or tablet into the machine and receive cash for it right from the dispenser! It’s also a great way to safely dispose of broken phones so they don’t end up in a landfill.
Every day millions of cars circle parking garages and shopping centers looking for a good spot to park. In parking structures, CO and NO2 are two of the most abundant airborne contaminants. Parkmobile provides a green solution by limiting the amount of time wasted in idle and driving in circles waiting for parking. The easy-to-use app helps people find and reserve parking from afar. The system also allows the user to refill the meter without having to leave the store. Drivers in cities nationwide use Parkmobile to find parking in real-time, reducing a lot of stress and wasted time in the car.

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