Saturday, April 1, 2017

Consumer Critique: SafetyTat

Most parents have had the experience of losing sight of their children, even if it was only for an instant. With little ones, it's particularly hard if they can't even communicate basic information to those who are trying to help. Even with older kids, in a panic they can forget vital details like the phone number, address, or real name of their parents. 

I had a chance to review SafetyTat's temporary child ID tattoos, which don't wash off and last all day. They can be stuck on a child's arm, lunch box, books, and much more! I had a chance to review these temporary tattoos, and they do work well - mine stayed on my kid for several days. They can be ordered pre-personalized or blank (perfect for if you want the flexibility of using a different phone number). They're relatively small, yet still easy to read, and can be purchased in a variety of different designs (including my daughter's favorite, ninjas).

Their site also has quite a few helpful safety tips that I encourage you to check out, whether or not you order the tats, to help keep your family safe!

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