Saturday, April 1, 2017

Book Nook: Otis Grows

Otis Grows, a book I recently got to review, is a quirky tale about a red onion who is the child of a yellow chicken (from them Nuh-Uhs) an a blue flower (from the Yes-Chums). Scientific impossibility aside, it was an imaginative tale to teach children appreciation for differences, and how to take the best of what makes us who we are. Otis runs away, discovering more colors and groups than he ever knew existed, and eventually finds himself taking on parts of each of his parents, while still being uniquely himself.

It's a cute book, with a simple lesson that often needs to be reinforced with kids so that it sinks in. It's published by LuJu Books, a company that believes in encouraging creativity and mindfulness, and helping parents find meaning and reflection in the books they read their kids.

Kathryn Hast has a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in writing and a Master’s degree in Education. She is from York, Pennsylvania, and she lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband and two children. She has one dog named after a Beatles song, and one that barks at the television. Otis Grows is her first published work of fiction, and her next book Batty Betty is forthcoming.
Otis Grows can be purchased from and Amazon.

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