Wednesday, April 5, 2017

World Wisdom: Fairy Tales Bug, Lice, and Bed Bug Products

I was recently sent some products from Fairy Tales, a company that makes a variety of products that safely repel common pests. I haven't had a chance to try them out (we haven't had bed bug issues and it's too early for biting bugs outside) so I can't speak to how well they work. However, I love the fact that they are all-natural and safer to use than chemical options. Now's a great time to look into them to be prepared for spring and summer trips and camps!

Bug Spray
Even if your child loves creepy, crawly things, mosquito bites and bee stings can make summer camp unpleasant. So don't forget the bug spray — just be sure to use one made for kids. Fairy Tales Bug Bandit ($15) DEET-free formula ($13.95) promises to repel fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and biting flies all with a mere spritz.  Plus, it is free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, parabens, sulfates, dairy, gluten, and nuts that can trigger allergic reactions.

There is nothing worse than a visit from Aunt Louise at summer camp! Close proximity in camp cabins and sharing caps and clothing create the perfect storm for a lice outbreak. To protect your child, simply pack a shampoo that will naturally repel lice. Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Daily Shampoo ($12.95) gently cleanses the scalp while a proprietary blend of organic Rosemary, Citronella, Tea Tree and Geranium oils help prevent lice.

Bed Bug Protectant
Camp cabins are a breeding ground for bed bugs. Not only will they leave your child with itchy bites, but they’ll also be coming home with them in their suitcase (yikes). Bed bug sprays are often harsh and unsafe, so be sure to read the ingredients before packing one. Fairy Tales Sleep Tite Bed Bug Spray ($5.95) is an EPF exempt formula that is classified as minimal risk and uses natural ingredients that have been shown to help kill bed bugs and their eggs. 

You can find Fairy Tales products at select stores nationwide. Or you can order online - an order of just $29.95 will get free shipping.

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