Friday, June 2, 2017

5 Popular baby photography props in 2017

Parents love to take photos of their children. You get to capture precious moments of your little one and share this with your friends and family. Professional newborn photography services are also sought after by parents these days to take photos of their adorable baby. Newborn or Baby photography has its own set of challenges that are different from taking photographs of landscapes or adults. But surely, baby photos will leave you in awe and feeling ecstatic.
Baby photography may require the use of props. These can range from hats, throws, baskets, and other objects. Here are five popular baby photography props that you can use in your photo shoot.
Crochet knit costumes. It is common to see babies wearing costumes during photo shoots. The crochet knit ones are popular and usually come with a hat and a stuffed animal. It’s made out of wool and is soft and snuggly, perfect for baby photography. You can find a variety of designs for this prop but bear ears and a stuffed bear are the most popular.
Wraps. Wraps have many uses during baby photo shoots. It can be used to swaddle your newborn or as a decorative blanket. Most wraps that are used for baby photography are very soft, stretchy, and made from breathable fabric. This makes it easier to wrap around babies and so that they feel warm and comfortable during the photography session.
Posing pillows. If you’ve ever wondered how they’d get the baby to pose a certain way, it’s definitely with the help of posing pillows. These are typically placed underneath your favorite blanket or fabric to help position your newborn. They are also used as fillers and placed inside baskets, tubs, bowls or any other vessel that is used to hold your baby. Posing pillows come in several sizes but are mostly circular, rectangular, and donut shaped.
Soft fur quilt. Fur quilts are great as basket liners or as a backdrop for your baby photos. They are comfortable and easy to wash and clean. Before you purchase this as a prop, check the size description since most aren’t very long. Although this works well in photos, you have to consider that the prop may shed so it would be best to have a lint roller nearby.
Headwear. There are a lot of hats, bonnets, and headbands that you could choose from to place on top of your baby’s head. These also come in a variety of colors and designs that make them popular for baby photography. Hats and bonnets work great for baby boys or girls and also keep them warm during the photo session. Headbands are typically used for baby girls and can range from a simple band to those that have flowers, jewels, and crowns.
When incorporating baby photography props in to your photos, make sure to keep them to a minimum. You don’t need to have so many props. Let the focus be on the baby and the rest will follow. After all, babies will always be adorable, whichever way you look at them.

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