Friday, June 2, 2017

Consumer Critique: Nuspin

NuSpin is a company that makes products to help promote kids' hydration. I had a chance to review their products, and I like them. The sip & spin has a spinner that turns when kids drink, making it a fun way to encourage hydration, especially in the summer. The zoomi straw cup has just a few parts, making it easy to wash and clean.

I like that their products are valve-free. They help encourage dental health, speech development, and hygiene - and they make it a lot easier to wash. Our pediatrician encouraged us to actually remove the valves from any sippy cups or kids' cups we bought - it encourages kids to learn to control the flow of liquid themselves, and it's one less part for dirt to collect on.

You can shop online (orders over $20 ship free) or you can find a store in select states.

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