Friday, June 16, 2017

Book Nook: Hello Stars

I recently had a chance to review a book that has a lot going for it, Hello Stars. This book is the first book in the Lena in the Spotlight series from Faithgirlz. I loved that it's a book that has good morals and values in it. It's written for kids ages 8-12, and does a good job of being neither too babyish for early adolescent readers, nor too grown-up for those on the younger end of the tween spectrum.

The book is also written by a 12-year-old author, Alena Pitts, with a little help from her mom Wynter, editor of a Christian girls' magazine (For Girls Like You).

This book is a great one to help readers explore what happens when opportunities present themselves - and also how to react when they lead to unexpected things that one would never have hoped for. Lena Daniels didn't think she could become a movie star, until her friends tell her about the audition. But then she has a hard time dealing with the spotlight, and balancing that with her family and friends.

As Lena learns about perseverance, hope, decision-making, and character, readers will too, in a book that teaches by example how to navigate difficult situations, written by someone who has been there and can write with experience.

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