Friday, June 16, 2017

Website Spotlight: Women's Broadcast Television Network

“Women United are Changing the World.” WBTVN, Women's Broadcast Television Network, is the first OTT online TV network with original content created by women for women giving any host access to its growing millions of online viewers, from next door to across the globe.  WBTVN has created an affinity community of like-minded women to share knowledge, and support by providing leadership, promoting entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations and non-profit organizations.

“You Don’t Have to Be a Celebrity to Be a Star.” WBTVN offers hosts just like you the opportunity to deliver informative and moving stories, fresh products, compelling services, and smart new ideas to an avid audience who demand current, professional and advanced content that employs best practices.  WBTVN is the place to explore breakthrough viewpoints from a woman’s perspective in art, health, performance, science, music, business, finance and more.  WBTVN sees into the future and is creating a new visual meeting place today for women to collaborate, inspire and strengthen their collective evolvement to leadership greatness.

I had a chance to interview Shea Vaughn to learn more.

Q  What inspired you to create an all - Women's Network?
A  My partner Jayne Rios and I wanted to create a community where like- 
minded women can share knowledge and give support to all. We believe 
that "Women United Are Changing the World". We also felt that with the 
advancement of technology that the time was perfect to provide an opportunity for women to "Host their Own TV Show" so they could reach a much wider and more interactive audience.
Q   Where can someone watch your shows?
A.  You can go to our internet network "" and watch it there or on any WI-FI internet enabled device - even on your "SMART" TV set - for example, you can access WBTVN through our icon "Women On TV" on RoKu and all of the other internet media platforms we're on. You can even get the "Women On TV" APP from l-Tunes and watch us on your l-Phone!

Q  What kinds of shows do you feature?
A  Everything from talk shows, business, fashion, cooking, wellness, fitness, 
   you name it we have it ... 

Q  What qualities do feel makes for a successful host or program on 
A  Someone who is really passionate about getting on TV and who has some 
experience in media as a speaker, author, or actor - WBTVN believes "You 
don't have to be a Celebrity to be a Star." We all have a star within us and 
WBTVN is giving talented and inspiring women the platform and opportunity 
to shine.

Q  You talk about the "Power of the Collective" and partnerships. Can you tell us more about that?
A  It's about the mass group effect that comes from bringing affinity 
 groups together and having access to a number of online media 
Each Host brings their own following, which when added to the following of all of our other WBTVN Hosts becomes part of the greater WBTVN audience.
We are also receiving the support of a growing number of women's 
groups who believe in our mission to empower women.
Adding to this Collective of viewers are the audiences of the online media 
platforms like Roku and Amazon-Fire that WBTVN is on, each of which 
are giving WBTVN access to their millions of subscribers. Women make 
85 of all buying decisions. So, for Sponsors and Advertisers wishing to 
Target a female audience, doing it through WBTVN seems to be a great 
way to leverage their message.
All together is what makes the "Power of the Collective"


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