Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Book Nook: The Teen Toolbox

I recently had a chance to review The Teen Toolbox: Equipping Parents and Teenagers with the Tools for Navigating Adolescence. As a parent of a daughter who will soon enter that phase, it's a timely book to read. 

The author, Cai Graham, has a unique background. She was a mother, and then a family photographer. At that point, she realized what struggle many families had in raising teens, so she wrote the book to help out with that. The book covers all the bases: ways to connect with teenagers, strategies to open up honest lines of communication, advice into building relationships with all family members, exercises that are relatively pain-free (even for teenagers), and practical tips to help overcome common issues.

The book doesn't just stop there. There's an app that goes along with it, online articles, and YouTube videos to help parents and teens go more in-depth in the areas that they need more help with.

I enjoyed reading the book. Some of the advice I was already doing with my daughter as she gets near the teen years, and others were things I already had heard. However, there were a lot of techniques I simply hadn't thought of or heard before, but certainly make sense. 

It seems silly, sometimes, to read a book about parenting teens - we typically remember what life was like for us as a teenager, or so we think. However, that recollection can be blurry and biased, and it's helpful to have an impartial source to make sure we're considering things outside of our own experience.

About the Author:
Cai Graham was a Business Graduate and successful IT project manager until the call of motherhood came knocking and she dived fully into nurturing her home and family.

Once her children were in Secondary School she set up her first passion based business as a family photographer. From her observation of families she noticed a modern-day epidemic of parents enduring their children instead of enjoying them and feeling overwhelmed navigating the trials of modern parenthood.

She felt inspired to facilitate transformation for parents and children and has blended her 20+ years of mothering with her skills as a therapist, coach and photographer to create an online education program, a book, and one of a kind luxury retreats for families looking to reconnect, understand and relate with each other better.

Cai’s ultimate driver is to empower Parents and Young People with the skills to communicate effectively and find confidence to live full, happy and healthy lives.

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