Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Book Nook: What Does Baby Want

When I first read What Does Baby Want, a board book by Tupera Tupera I recently received to review, I wasn't exactly sure what to think. It's unique in shape (a round book), but even more so, it's unique in it's open celebration of breastfeeding. It's a simple story about a baby who isn't happy with what's offered, and only wants to nurse. It may startle some people's sensitivities to see a full-page spread of simply drawn breasts, but at the same time, it helps normalize what breasts are for - feeding a baby.

The book is designed for nursing babies, their siblings, parents, expectant parents, and children who pretend to nurse. It's funny in a way that makes you wonder why it's funny - it many other countries such depictions are routine or normalized, and there's nothing wrong with it being normalized here. It's created by an award-winning design duo from Japan, with simple, easy-to-follow words and illustrations, and would make a great gift for anyone who has a little bit of a sense of humor.

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