Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Book Nook: Brave Beauty and Inspiring Words Holy Bible

As a Christian family, I really appreciate the chance to review faith-based books. I was happy to review two new books from Zondervan Publishing that were awesome for my girls.

The NIV Inspiring Words Holy Bible is great for Christians of all ages who appreciate coloring. Often times when I get to review a Bible, I end up gifting it, even if I think it's a really good one (let's face it, how many Bibles does one family need) but this one will likely stay in my art-loving daughter's library for her to color and meditate on the verses. It's a regular Bible, but interspersed within the pages are about 50 verses on heavier paper suitable for coloring. It's a fun way to meditate on the words of God, and to create a Bible that is truly your own.

My daughters are very different, so it can be a challenge finding a family devotional book that really speaks to both of them. My older daughter is a more typical girl, a little more interested in how she dresses, and enjoying more "typical girl" pursuits like arts and music. My younger daughter is very much a tomboy, interested in ninjas and warriors. Brave Beauty managed to speak to both of them. It's written for tweens ages 8-12, so it's right in the age group of my girls, and it focuses on helping girls this age build confidence and courage to be who they are. Each chapter is brief, a little longer than some of the devotionals we have used in the past, so we break them up over a couple days. Readers can look up specific topics or read it straight through. The design by Faithgirlz is feminine without being too girly, and the tagline "find the fearless you" really got both of my girls interested in the book.

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