Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Book Nook: Inspiring Women

I was recently sent a really fun package of books that would make good gifts for a variety of women (or men, if they're so inclined). These are the books I was sent about inspirational women.

Women Who Launch: The Women Who Shattered Glass Ceilings - This would be an inspiring book for any career woman, especially those who are just getting into their careers or those who are running into roadblocks and need inspiration from those who have done it before. Women of all fields are included in this book - entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, activists, and more. The biographies are interesting, even if you already know the story behind some women-inspired movements and companies like the GSA or Estee Lauder.

The Book of Awesome Women: Boundary Breakers, Freedom Fighters, Sheroes and Female Firsts - This book also covered a wide variety of fields. It's a little more in-your-face and energetic than some other books, but still inspiring and fun to read. Women from the fields of sports, politics, art, business, and more are all included. With over 200 entries, every woman is bound to find some inspiring role model in this book!

Badass Women Give the Best Advice: Everything You Need to Know About Love and Life - This book is clearly in-your-face and irreverent, but also energetic and upbeat. I might have titled it a little bit differently, because the majority of this book was about love (love and lust, love and pain, self-love, sister-love) but it still was a good read. It's fun to read the perspective of so many strong women on the topic of love and relationships. There were so many different viewpoints, and the quotes ranged from funny to series, each one providing a little nugget of wisdom or a laugh - and often both.

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