Monday, April 9, 2018

Consumer Critique: Outdew Umbrella

I recently had the chance to review an unbreakable umbrella by Outdew. This compact travel umbrella has a lot of great little features that I didn't know I was missing on other smaller umbrellas.

For starters, the pouch. Not all umbrellas come with a pouch, but the pouch really helps keep it more tightly folder together and protects the outside. Sometimes it's really hard to get the umbrella back inside its pouch though, and this solves the problem by having a snap and zipper on the outside to make it easier to put back away. The pouch even has a tiny pocket that could be used for keys if you're just out for a quick walk.

The umbrella itself is nice. It's pretty sturdy (I haven't tried it in wind yet but I did try to put some backwards pressure on it). It's a classy black. It's also larger than some of the other travel umbrellas we've had - the diameter would work for two people to share if they were close, and it's wide enough that a single person could block nearly all the rain, not just what's hitting their head.

I'm happy I got to review this umbrella. It's well-made and still folds up compactly enough to fit in a larger purse, or tuck inside a desk drawer for a surprise rain shower after work.

If you want to get your own, be sure to use this link and you'll be able to save substantially!

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