Friday, April 27, 2018

Healthy Habits: Should Beginners and Experts Do The Same Workout?

Getting and maintaining a toned and athletic physique need not involve complicated exercises.
If beginners and experts want the same results, they should both be doing the best, most effective, exercises to sculpt the muscles they want. The muscles that help them with everyday tasks. The muscles that look good when toned.
The most effective exercises are simple.
So, if beginners and experts want to get and maintain an athletic, toned physique, they should be performing the same workout.
Toning muscles only requires simple exercises. Exercises that are easy to follow. Which means beginners won’t struggle to keep up. Beginners can perform the same exercises that experts do.
Ocinator is effective for both beginners and experts. Unlike most other workout programs, Ocinator workouts specifically target toning muscles. Not sweat. Not exhaustion.
Ocinator beginners and Ocinator experts perform the same workout every day.

But how could the same exercises be effective for both beginners and experts? The difference is weight. The more weight used, the more massive muscles get. Beginners start out with little weight, then add more weight over time as they become experts.
Getting and maintaining a toned and athletic physique can be simple. Do a smart workout program that doesn’t waste your precious time. Do Ocinator.

Written by fitness expert and Stanford Engineer, Nico Chavando. Nico Chavando is the creator of the Ocinator Fitness program available at

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