Sunday, April 29, 2018

Senior Living Parenting Survey

Did you know that parents today are nine times more likely to buy condoms for their children than their own parents?
Young people, teenagers especially, tend to blame their parents -- fairly or unfairly -- for problems when they are growing up.  
At some point, adults come to the realization that their dad was just a guy and their mom was just a girl and they did the best they could.
Then, when they themselves become parents, it brings an entirely new perspective which begs the question…do today’s parents think they parent better than their own mom and dad?
 To find out, the team today released the 2018 Perceptions of Parenting Study which surveyed more than 1,000 American parents on a wide-range of topics parenting topics. 
Here are just several of the results from the survey. 
·         Better Parenting Skills:  Parents today believe they are on average 12% better than their own parents.
·         Buying Condoms: 34% of parents today would buy condoms for their children whereas only 4% responded that their own parents bought them condoms. They are nearly nine times more likely to buy condoms for their children,
·         Being Strict: Overall, Grades, Drugs: Most respondents (34%) believe their parents were stricter, 23% believe they are stricter and 43% think it was equal. Respondents considered themselves stricter on grades but less strict on marijuana and dating
·         Listening: Respondents believe they are far better listeners than their own parents. A mere 26% of respondents felt their parents had exceeded their own listening capabilities.

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