Saturday, June 9, 2018

Book Nook: Stuff Every Dad Should Know

I recently had a chance to review Stuff Every Dad Should Know by Brett Cohen. This is a handy guide for new dads or soon-to-be-dads, especially those who are less experienced with kids.

The book tackles a ton of topics in a small volume - topics that run the whole range from baby to teen. It manages to take conventional wisdom on nearly everything and condense it into some very concise, simplified how-tos. Monsters, talking about the birds and the bees (at different stages), picking college, introducing foods - even how to hold a baby.

As with any parenting guide, not everything is going to mesh with every parent. But it's a great starting point. For a new dad who is overwhelmed with everything, this gets right to the nuts and bolts of what's essential, providing plenty of wiggle room for dads to do what works best for them.

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