Saturday, June 9, 2018

Consumer Critique: Pindaloo

I recently had a chance to review a very simple, yet very addictive toy. It reminded me of the toy I learned when I was younger that had a ball and cup attached to a string and the ball needed to be tossed and end up in the cup. I've seen other variants over the years, some harder, some easier. This was a new take on the idea of catching things.

The Pindaloo is a u-shaped tube that you move in a circular motion and try to catch the ball. It sounds easy, but it's not - not without practice. It's actually playable by adults and kids, and can help improve hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and focus. Because it's relatively small, it's really easy to pack and take along on camping trips or any place where you'll want to bring an active toy. As long as your kids are careful, it can be played indoors or outdoors, so it's a good rainy day activity.

Once you've mastered the basics, there are a bunch of tricks that can be seen on the website - I'm not even close to any of them yet, but they look cool!

The plastic seems pretty durable and the ball is bright yellow - so it's easy to find if it's rolled away. You can see my attempts in the video below, or you can go to the website to see how it's really done!

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