Thursday, June 21, 2018

Consumer Critique: BoxiTale

Akibabus Ltd recently launched Boxitale, a really unique way to play games - it mixes crafts and imagination with digital technology. The story-based experience combines tablet/smartphone use with a board game.

I had a chance to review the game, which puts kids in the driver's seat and relies on their creativity to solve problems and save the day. It's targeted for kids seven and up. My 10-year-old loves art and crafts, and my 8-year-old loves adventure and screen time, so this appealed very well to both of them. They were engaged, and it wasn't just screen time - it was engaging and encouraging critical thinking skills, not just mindly consuming media.

Available now through, BoxiTale is also available to retailers for immediate orders. In addition, Akibabus has partnered with Publisher Services, Inc. (PSI), a leading supplier of quality games, toys, books, and collectibles for retail distribution.

The BoxiTale stories lead players into original, animated adventures where they are the heroes, building, designing and solving the challenges presented to them in the story as they try to save the day. Once the player’s design is ready on the board, they take a picture of it and upload it using the BoxiTale app; the picture is reflected in the story.  BoxiTale stories available now include Knights of Nature, Elite Explorers (each $39.90), and Boxitale – Mini Stories ($20.00). Additional stories are available through in-app purchases.  More stories will be released in 2019.

“Boxitale is a game kids and parents alike will love and we are excited to be releasing it now in the North American market,” said Nir Kessler, CEO and Founder, Akibabus LTD.   “The BoxiTale combination of technology, logic, crafting and gaming is unique and will stand out in the marketplace.”

BoxiTale is designed to help kids seven years old and up grow and learn while having fun. The game helps expand general knowledge through facts imbedded in the stories. BoxiTale also improves cognitive and motor skills, enhances creative thinking, sharpens focus and concentration and improves hand-eye coordination.

About Akibabus Ltd.
An Israeli start-up launched in 2016 by Nir Kessler, Akibabus Ltd, the owner of BoxiTale, is a game publishing company with a unique and interactive gaming concept that re-defines creative craft gaming.

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