Thursday, June 21, 2018

Book Nook: Breaking the Feedback Loop - How I Liberated Myself from Internet Addiction and How You Can Too

Internet addiction affects as many as one in eight Americans. Author A.N. knows what it’s like to have, and escape from a lifestyle of digital dependence. I had a chance to review his new book Breaking the Feedback Loop: How I Liberated Myself from Internet Addiction and How You Can Too. In the book, he provides a concise, essential guide written for young adults, college students, millennials, young professionals and anyone who is negatively impacted by the Internet.

This book is appropriate for a lot of different people - teens or young adults stuck in the loop of social media, parents of those who are spending an inordinate amount of time online, or anyone who knows they need to reduce their usage but just can't break the habit.

The book is well-researched, including a lot of concrete information about what makes the internet and social media so appealing. It also has realistic steps to help reduce usage to a manageable and appropriate level - whatever that is for each person. This "digital diet" improves relationships with face-to-face peers and friends, as well as with social media, to maximize happiness and productivity.

About the Author
A.N Turner was a product manager intern at Nanigans, a marketing partner of Facebook, where he worked on software used by the largest companies in the world for Facebook advertising. He has spent time under published academic authors at the University of Pennsylvania researching how our lives are impacted by our relationships with technology. Turner went on to work at the headquarters as the product manager over the advertising technology team. He managed an online advertising system using machine learning to buy ads most likely to lead to new purchases often on sites designed to attract users' attention. He's now using his knowledge to help people improve their relationship with the Internet, particularly through his book Breaking the Feedback Loop.
For more information, please visit and connect with Turner on PinterestGoodreadsInstagram, and Twitter .
Breaking the Feedback Loop is available in trade paperback and eBook from Amazonand at booksellers nationwide.

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