Thursday, April 25, 2019

Shopping Savings: Canopy Hats

The time of buying different hats to represent your favorite interests, designs and places has come to an end. Canopy has made it its mission to deliver consumers the last hat they’ll ever need to own. Today, sustainable apparel brand Canopy announced its inaugural collection of eco-friendly hats with interchangeable patches. Instead of crowding your closet with thirty hats, you now can purchase one hat from Canopy and add your choice of patches that you can place on and swap out whenever you want, anywhere you want.  
Canopy’s flagship line of adaptable hats and patches is now available for purchase on Indiegogo at:
The campaign has a funding goal of $15,000 and features limited early-bird specials starting at only $29, which includes a hat and three patches, an over 65% savings off MSRP.  The hats will ship to backers during Summer 2019.
The logos on Canopy’s hats, which come in a variety of styles including trucker, dad hats and flat brims, can be swapped out in a moment by the wearer. Whether it’s a patch from artists of all types or a city patch while you’re traveling or at a game, Canopy allows you to support your interests and display your passions with ease. Canopy also collaborates with well-known artists, recognizable taste-makers and cultural icons such as Scott Froschauer, Adele Jackson and S├ębastien Walker on collections that take their form of artistic expression to a new canvas, deepening and broadening their fanbase.
Even though Canopy is poised to create a seemingly endless collection of collaboration patches, it still prides itself on designing its own patches that echo the brand’s SoCal aesthetic and values. Among Canopy’s brand designs, you’ll find street-style, art, pop-culture, surf, skate and outdoors inspired logos.
Canopy incorporates a variety of eco-friendly materials including organic eco-twill and recycled plastic, including its snapbacks that come from recycled plastic bottles. And as an impact-based brand, Canopy doesn’t limit its goals to sustainability and curtailing the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. It has also aligned itself with the fight against global homelessness through its support of billionBricks. Canopy will donate a percentage of all profits to help billionBricks in its crusade to provide innovative shelter solutions for those in need. Canopy also collaborates with well-known causes such as the Malibu Foundation to help them amplify their message and support both awareness and fundraising.

About Canopy
Sustainably sourced, customizable and ethically produced, Canopy is changing the game. While Canopy has put sustainability and adaptability at the core of its brand, it's also able to give back to the world and inspire creativity without sacrificing aesthetics. Not only will a Canopy hat make you feel good about lowering your carbon footprint, but it will also w frame your face just as well as, if not better, than any other hat on the market. Go save the planet while looking like a supermodel.   
Canopy is a small, tight-knit family that hopes to grow along with its collection. The team believes in finding joy in both life's triumphs and its struggles, and they’re hungry not only for knowledge and experience, but also for continued adventure. Canopy’s founders push as far as the line will take them, and, if necessary, break that line whenever it separates them from where they are and where they’re determined to go. For all the athletes and entrepreneurs, free spirits and wild childs, for the kids that grew up, and the adults gazing out that office window, Canopy is here to motivate you and inspire you to grab life by the neck and go beyond the brim.  For more information, please check out

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