Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Soul Sustenance: What a Great Word Devotionals for Grads and Moms

I previously posted about What a Great Word - a devotional book that helps readers focus on a certain word each day and what it means in the context of Christian faith. I really enjoyed it, so I was happy to review two new versions of the same type of devotional.

A gift book offering inspiring devotional thoughts, quotes, and prayers intended to encourage and challenge those who are graduating from high school and college, or those simply moving in a new direction.

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day offering a fresh perspective that helps readers focus on one word in Scripture each day to strengthen their faith and see God’s hand at work.

Both of these are great for the target audience. I like the quotes in the book for grades - and while it is most appropriate for a time of transition related to high school or college, it is also appropriate for those completing a different type of transition, whether it's completion of a vocational program or some other important "completion" milestone.

The one written for moms is also good. Most moms can use a pick-me-up at some point, and this book manages to choose words and discuss them in a way that will resonate with all moms, no matter what stage in life. With universal applications, moms who are at the beginning of parenting, almost empty nesters, or those with grown children will be able to get something out of this book.

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