Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Giveaway: Copy-Kids Eat Fruits & Vegetables

I recently had the chance to view a DVD from Copy-Kids called "Eat Fruits & Vegetables" (it's the only one so far). This DVD is not really an entertainment DVD (although small kids would like watching other small kids do just about anything, so it does hold toddler attention for a while). Instead, it's designed to give kids 6 months through 5 years positive examples of kids eating healthy foods. Each segment is about 7 minutes long, and there are 12 to choose from, including generally popular favorites such as bananas and apples to ones that tend to meet with more resistance, like avocado and broccoli.

It doesn't work magic, however. My almost-5-year-old was attentive and said she wanted to eat strawberries and bananas while watching those segments, but she's pretty good about eating her fruits and vegetables anyway. My almost-3-year-old was intrigued, and asked for bananas, but then still refused to put one in her mouth. However, even asking for bananas was a huge step, and it was only the first time, so we'll see what happens if I pop it in a few more times. Kids often need repeated exposures to a food - seeing it, seeing other people eat it, etc - to try it, so maybe it will work long term.

I have no idea if more are planned for the series, although I think it could be a great teaching tool for other foods, and for polite behaviors as well!

I have the opportunity to give away one copy to a reader. To enter, leave a comment with the one food that surprises you that your child won't eat. Deadline is June 25th.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the DVD to facilitate this review.

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