Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Consumer Critique: DewStop

In the summer, in most places in the US, it's easy for humidity to accumulate - especially in basements. Any time of year, it's easy for bathrooms to become very steamy with hot showers. All that humidity can lead to moisture, mold, and mildew problems. It's easy to remember to turn on a fan when you get into the shower, but just leaving it on while you're showering won't really clear out all of the humidity. And places like basements or laundry rooms are harder to remember to air out. Sometimes in our house, we forget to turn the fan off later, which wastes energy.

The DewStop eliminates the problem of remembering to turn the fan off later - or forgetting to turn it on in the first place. It has a sensor that detects rising levels of humidity, and automatically turns your existing fan on and off. It's really easy to install (just watch the installation video) and fits into the switch for your existing exhaust fan. If you want to manually turn the fan on (for example, to clear out an odor) you still can do that with the manual on/off switches. There's also a switch for a combo fan/light, if that's what you already have.

For more information, visit the DewStop Home Solutions blog or find DewStop on Facebook.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary DewStop to facilitate this review.

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