Saturday, April 27, 2013

Parenting Pointers: Grace-Based Discipline

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Are you frustrated with your family relationships, or the way you're disciplining your kids? Or are things working, but you'd like to tweak them a little to a softer, gentler approach? Grace-Based Livingby Crystal Lutton, provides a framework for discipline, conflict resolution, and family relationships that's based on grace - a powerful concept.

“I developed Grace-Based Discipline as a framework for discipline that is based on the scriptural model of discipleship, life skills that apply to parenting and all relationships, and effective tools to help you fill your own toolbox,” says Lutton. “When conflict arises, healthy conflict resolution strategies can help you arrive at a solution built on scripture, prayer and family unity." The book also analyzes the ways that healthy boundaries allow each family member to define their role and space in the family.
I like how the book sets the foundation for a grace-based marriage first. She also includes specific examples of Grace-Based Living in action, and a very helpful chapter devoted to kids with special needs. The book is appropriate for all parents, particular for religious parents who already have an understanding of the idea of grace. But even if you haven't heard much about that term, her tips and tools as well as her relationship philosophy are still easy to follow and put into practice.

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