Thursday, August 27, 2015

Caring Causes: Black Cowboys/LilySarahGrace Fund

Black Cowboys is a children’s board board launching September 1 that explores the culture of African American cowboys. 

Published by Home Grown Books as part of its new Mini Museum Series, Black Cowboys features the photographs of Andrea Robbins and Max Becher. Targeted to 0-6 year olds, the book explores the culture of African American cowboys, a culture that is written out of our history but still thriving. The engaging photographs will appeal to even the youngest of children, while the subject matter will encourage further thought and discussion in older readers.

5% of all the books’ profits will be donated to the LilySarahGrace Fund, a non-profit that provides grants to struggling public schools to support child-centered learning and creativity in the classroom.
ARTIST NOTE: It comes as a surprise to many that over one-third of cowboys in the Wild West were African Americans. This is because the Black cowboy was written out of history by novels and the film and television industry. To this day, Black cowboy culture has been thriving and is widespread. Across the United States, Black riding clubs meet regularly and hold trail rides, backyard-jackpot rodeo competitions, and charity events. Besides the display of horsemanship skills, the Black cowboy/girl lifestyle allows for fellowship, the reuniting of families, mentoring of children and introducing young people to their history.
HOME GROWN BOOKS’ MINI MUSEUM SERIES: The series is the first of its kind, as a collection of contemporary art books for kids, and exposes young minds to art that will engage and inspire them. The museum quality book series introduces kids to cutting edge contemporary art by featuring the works of artists from different backgrounds, working in different mediums, and addressing different content than what is typically found in a children’s books. Kyla Ryman, founder of the independent publisher Home Grown Books, pairs the art with early reader language. As the only series of contemporary art books for kids, the books expose young minds to art that will engage and inspire them.

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