Monday, June 13, 2016

Healthy Habits: Mosquito Bites - Avoiding and Erasing the Itch

The summertime means vacation, beach, sun, fun and, unfortunately, mosquitoes. With the heat and moisture, this time of year is prime time for mosquito to human contact, a certainty earning more attention because of the concern of a Zika outbreak.  Mosquito season officially starts in June in most places.

Eugene Zabolotsky, a member of the American Mosquito Control Association and developer of the  Bite Helper, says there are steps you can take to avoid the bite, or bite back and get rid of the itch.
Avoiding the bite
1.     Clothing Changes— Wear loose fitting long sleeves whenever possible. If you are driving somewhere with air conditioning and your only exposure will be walking from the car to the building and back again, try long sleeves. Don’t forget hats and socks too. (BONUS: you can add repellants onto the clothing for extra protection and there is clothing that already has it). Also, try to wear light colors. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker tines

2.     Insect repellent - make sure the repellent is registered with the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency and has DEET or oil of lemon eucalyptus. There are a series of numbers to look at but what we suggest is to check the most recent suggestions from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
3.     Household chores - repair door or window screens and make sure you get rid of all standing water, in and out of the house. Mosquitoes lay eggs in water. No water, the less of a chance you have to make a small problem a mosquito family of issues.
Get rid of the itch
1.     Clean area that has been bitten
2.     Don’t scratch – that’s what spreads the itch and many times, any disease carried by the mosquito.
3.     NEW Technology Tools– there are technologies out there that can help, like the Bite Helper (Pictured), which uses gentle heat application to get rid of the itch/bite. The quicker you rid yourself of the results of the bite, the less of a chance you have to scratch and spread the discomfort. 
4.     Household Products - rub baking soda, calamine lotion, apply a wet tea bag or soak the bite in apple cider vinegar. Since everyone’s body chemistry is different, each household product won’t work for all.  

Eugene Zabolotsky
Mr. Zabolotsky is the founder and Managing Director of MediPharm, a health care consulting firm.
Since 2003, MediPharm has provided commercial and business development strategy expertise to multinational biopharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and health care institutions.  His focus has been on advising major corporations and institutions on all matters relating to biopharmaceuticals and medical devices, regulatory issues, marketing, promotion, business development and management.  MediPharm has partnered with some of the most highly regarded organizations and medical institutions in the world.
About the Bite Helper
BITE HELPER is designed to work on neutralizing itch and irritation caused by insect stings and bites from mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps and ants. BITE HELPER utilizes proprietary Thermo-Pulse-Technology™ that delivers heat and vibration to the affected area increasing localized blood flow. BITE HELPER is drug and chemical free.

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