Sunday, December 18, 2016

Caring Causes: Delicacies Jewely

Shopping for people is hard, even shopping for your best friend can give you an “I can’t even” moment and you wind up buying her a candle or some other thoughtless gift that gets shoved in a drawer. We have all done it. This year, we have the perfect, unique and uber cool gift from new brand Delicacies (Padma Lakshmi, the ultimate foodie is already a fan)

Delicacies Jewelry is based in locally in St. Paul, Minnesota and have recently expanded their line to include 14K pendants with charms, some adorned with small diamonds. Choose the charm that speaks to you (or your friend) from an artichoke to a cute little pig, it's tasteful jewelry you can feel good about wearing.

The 14K gold pendants will be available in the following ingredients: basilcarrotchickenchili peppercorncrabfishgarlicgingeroctopusolivepigpineappletomato, wheat, and a 3D egg and the retail price ranges from $160 - $400 (They also have bracelets under $100). A gold chain will also be available to purchase separately for $65.00. Options include from Diamond Pave pendants (Padma Lakshmi is a fan of the diamond pave chile!) to gold pendants to leather bracelets for men and women featuring their ingredient du jour under $100. You can see more on

About Delicacies Jewelry:

Delicacies Jewelry, the first full-line of jewelry for epicureans, introduces a new collection of 14K gold pendants. The brand, which started with a signature ingredient cast in sterling silver and affixed to a finished band of rich, supple leather, has now evolved to add exciting new categories such as the new 14K gold pendant. New sterling silver ingredients, tomato and artichoke, have also been added to the bracelet range.

In collaboration with chef Andrew Zimmern, Delicacies has created its own Chef’s Table, the brand’s conduit for charitable giving, which will feature three generous, well-known chefs each year to harness a shared love of food to fight hunger. Delicacies' first Chef’s Table includes Chefs Marcus Samuelsson, Dominique Crenn, and Gavin Kaysen.  Every piece of jewelry purchased creates “Delicacies Dollars” – money donated directly to a nonprofit organization that fights hunger and food insecurity. Consulting the Chef’s Table of culinary experts to decide on the hunger relief organizations that the Delicacies Dollars go to, Delicacies uses the energy and love present in their simple, beautiful ingredients to help ALL of us. Delicacies Jewelry made its first donation to Share Our Strength/ No Kid Hungry in April, Zimmern’s charity of choice.

It’s simple. Wear generosity. Feed (your) humanity. Delicacies Dollars to fight hunger. Define yourself #whatsyouringredient? at

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