Sunday, December 18, 2016

Consumer Critique: Smartbowl

Celebrity Chef Art Smith and the team behind the smartbowl™System want to give the gifts of time and peace of mind this upcoming holiday season. Chef Art has partnered with the smartbowl team to develop a collection of technologically miraculous nesting bowls—made from state-of-the-art borosilicate lab glass with channel-lock medical grade silicone lids—that make cooking in your microwave possible and delicious.

In between work and holiday shopping, you can create healthy, portion-controlled, quick-scratch meals in under 5 minutes. Chef Arts new cookbook is fully of delicious ideas including meatballs with creamy polenta, shrimp tacos, perfectly poached eggs and the most  delicious chocolate cake that will have you throwing all of your mugs away.

Chef Art’s Smart Cooking cookbook ($20 value) is now free with your smartbowl purchase. Use the promo code smartholiday at checkout to receive your free giftThe promotion will last through January 3, 2017 as the smartbowl is a fantastic New Year, NewYou product too.
I had a chance to try out the smartbowl and it is a lot of fun to use. It's awesome for quick meals for either just myself or my two girls, when I don't want to use the stove or oven, or when I'm in a hurry. It was hard to believe how quickly and evenly things were done - even regular reheating takes less time than normal, and the food is cooked evenly without stopping and stirring. It's a fun product for anyone who enjoys the convenience of microwave cooking.

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