Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Book Nook: At My Pace - Lessons from Our Mothers

I've never heard of the At My Pace books, but now that I had a chance to review At My Pace: Lessons from Our Mothers I might have to check out the other one. Each essay in the book is about a thousand words, which is short enough to read during a quick break, and contains a clear lesson that the author learned from his or her mother. The book is divided by age range (under forty, forty to eighty, and over eighty), but there are common threads throughout all the age groups.

Topics include love, acceptance, redemption, stress, duty, resilience, defiance, independence, support, and more. I really enjoyed reading all the difference stories, how different all the relationships are, yet how much love comes through in all of them, even if the lesson learned was difficult.

About the Editor
Jill Ebstein is the editor of the At My Pace series of books – At My Pace: Lessons from Our Mothers (Nov, 2016) and At My Pace: Ordinary Women Tell Extraordinary Stories (2015). She’s the founder of Sized Right Marketing, a Newton, Mass., based consulting firm that helps Fortune 500 companies use the customer voice to develop workable strategies that will yield results. She holds a BS from Washington University and an MBA from Wharton. Learn more at:

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