Saturday, March 25, 2017

Consumer Critique: The Plans I Have for You and Investigator's Bibles

We have a lot of Bibles in our family, in several different versions. I like reading different Bibles, but what I'm really starting to appreciate as I have kids is Bibles with a few extras - devotionals or study guide helps, for example. I think they make the Bible more accessible and real to kids, and honestly, sometimes I learn something too as we read them together. I recently got to review two different NIV Bibles from Zondervan, and liked both of them.

The NIV Investigator's Holy Bible is great for the kids who ask a lot of questions. My nine-year-old loves learning facts, and my seven-year-old is the type to question a lot of things. This Bible, designed for kids six through ten, uses a detective theme to help clarify things that can be confusing to kids and to explain the essential parts of each book. It provides a scene for the action, historical evidence of Biblical events, quizzes to help kids review what they've learned, information about Biblical names, and ways that the historical events relate to kids' lives.

This Bible was wonderful for both of my children. One loved to share the facts she was learning with her grandparents and teachers, the other was excited to read about the evidence of the Bible, showing her that things really happened.

Last year, we got to read the devotional that the NIV The Plans I Have for You Holy Bible pairs with. This Bible helps kids on a very personal level - their dreams and wishes for the future. As a child, there is so much uncertainty, especially as they get into the tween years and start realizing just how much they don't know. This Bible helps kids trust that, whatever happens, God is in control.

This Bible summarizes some of the plans God had for key figures in the Bible. It also has prayers kids can pray to ask for God's help fulfilling His plan for them, highlighted verses to emphasize God's promises that are still true today, and beautiful art that is kid-friendly.

Bibles can make great gifts, and devotional Bibles are worth having, even if you already own one, because the extra features can inspire some wonderful family discussions!

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