Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Enriching Education: NumbersAlive! and Pi Day

From time to time, I enjoy posting about great educational products. I have a soft spot for pi - it's an irrational number that, even though it gets used a lot, isn't entirely understood. To help increase awareness and understanding of pi, NumbersAlive! has a bunch of fun pi products and tools.

NumbersAlive! is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve numerical literacy and encourage creativity and global citizenship by visualizing world patterns through fun and friendly number characters. Its founder, Dr. Rebecca Klemm, has taught math from middle school to grad school, and now runs a data collection firm and creates products to make math friendly for kids.

For example, the fun "meet the numbers" section on her website gives the numbers personalities. She's written a book about the numbers traveling to Washington, D.C.  She has resources for parents and teachers on her website. And the pi products that are on the site are awesome!

The I Spy Pi goggles were the most surprising. When my daughter and I first looked through them, they were kind of neat, adding little rainbows to the sides of light - then we looked at a direct light, and pi appeared (the photo is the best I could capture the effect).

There's also a pi measuring tape (cm on one side, digits of pi on the other), pi postcards, a pi keychain, and a pi plush. You can see all the pi products here. It's too late to order them for this year's Pi Day, but you can (and definitely should) get them for next year to have some fun with pi!

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