Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Parenting Pointers: Entrepreneurial Mom Show

Moms wear many hats: chauffeur, nurse, chef, storyteller, wife.  As a mom, it can be hard to grow a business without sacrificing the commitments to the people you love (and yourself).

Business Mentor, Olga Szwed is hosting an interview series all around this topic, which was born out of her own research project to learn HOW entrepreneur moms are doing business AND being present for their kids. It's called the Entrepreneurial Mom Show: How to Earn Money from Home and Feel Fulfilled by Spending More Time with Your Family. This is for women who want to start a business... Or take their existing business to the next level but are challenged with the priorities that come from being a career-driven woman ALONG with the calling, responsibility, and desire to be a great MOM.

Olga came to America at age 20, earned her degree in fashion design, opened a clothing boutique, and successfully launched the business that would eventually become the foundation of her Empire. Eight years later, she sold her business and began her career as a buyer and merchandiser in the corporate world. But with that change came restrictions. Suddenly her freedom was limited, her schedule revolved around someone else's ideal day, and ultimately she felt overworked but underpaid. On paper, she landed my dream job. But personally, it was slowly burning her out.

Olga began to formulate an escape plan. Not only from the corporate world, but from any sort of business that made her feel like she was trapped in a box. She proved it is possible to build her dream life from the ground up without sacrificing important moments including, being a mom.

I had a chance to interview her to learn more.

What skills do moms have that lend themselves well to being an entrepreneur? Ambitious, generous, risk takers, willing to learn, ability to listen, creative, open-minded, driven
How can moms find a launching point to start their business ideas? The biggest thing is the mindset. Many moms are great starters but not good finishers. The reason is that we are moms have so much on our plate with perfect combo: lack of sleep & stress, so it's easy to get sidetracked and be distracted. With that said the key point is to become a finisher than any business ideas can become a reality.
What are your tips for juggling raising a family and starting a business? The biggest takeaway for me is to take my struggles to my strength. Sometimes it feels difficult to have it all but if you stay focus, manage your mind not your time and have your kids involved in your business you can do it all. NONE of us are supermoms … but we can sure be positive, grateful, generous, brave, encouraging and let the mother's guilt go away because we are all doing our best.

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