Saturday, June 1, 2019

Book Nook: Mario and the Aliens

MARIO AND THE ALIENS is about three aliens who visit the tech-obsessed Mario and ask to learn what Earth children do for fun. When Mario shows off his computer, the aliens are unimpressed since they already have tons of technology back home. The aliens are more interested in learning about OUTDOOR play. So, Mario quickly learns to play outside alongside his new alien friends, enjoying real toys like balls, bikes, and dolls. As a result, Mario is left with a newfound love of outdoor play and three new friends!
The Midwest Book Review has said "Mario and the Aliens will have everyone wanting to get outside and play!"  And Roberta Schultz, host of NPR's Around Cincinnati, says "Mario and the Aliens uses hand-drawn images and cliffhanger plot technique to engage children and parents in dialogue in the very nature of fun and creativity."
There are several life lessons to be gleaned from this children's book, including: 
  • Helping children understand the concept of unplugging
  • Learning the joys of outdoor play
  • The magic of friendship and playing together

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