Monday, June 3, 2019

Music Minute: Jessa Campbell - Can You Feel It?

Jessa Campbell has a widely varied career - “Dragon Tales Live," opera, theatrical pop - and is about to release her first album of songs for young people: Can You Feel It. This was a fun album to review, since I'm interest in science and the environment. The ten songs on the album use story-based lyrics and easily singable refrains to explore different nature topics.
Not many kids' albums are going to include lessons about salmon, trillium, fractals, or moles (as a math teacher I was thrilled that someone is even thinking about introducing fractals to kids). Dinosaurs, stars, and light and shadow all are included in the album as well.

Can You Feel It? began as a commissioned project in 2017 when Campbell wrote songs for a "Wonders of Nature" class at the Village Home learning center in Oregon. The science-focused class incorporated music, creative play and movement. Donned in masks and colorful tree-themed costumes, Campbell and the Saplings have since been performing their interactive show at schools, libraries, theaters and clubs around the Portland. Kids will be flapping their wings and stomping like ants at performances planned for this spring and summer. Visit and join the Facebook page for the latest updates.

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