Saturday, June 1, 2019

Caring Causes: Carthage.Co

Carthage.Co brings exquisite, ethically-sourced pottery made by Tunisian artisans directly to your audience’s table. Carthage.Co works as a direct to consumer channel so you get a high-end product, but at a fraction of a retail store’s price.

The Presentation Plate is meant to be shared and shown off with its vibrant Zaghwan glazes, with no two plates alike. They come in a wide array of gorgeous colors, so there’s something for each kitchen. And, all Carthage.Co products are microwave and dishwasher safe and lead free.

Carthage.Co highlights North African beauty in a modern way. Their collections not only inspire a uniquely curated tabletop aesthetic, they empower the Tunisian artisans who make each piece and keep the tradition of their rich history in ceramics alive.

About Carthage.Co: Co-founders and lifelong friends Andrew and Paul brought two continents together when they discovered they shared the same passion for doing business which positively impacted the lives of the creators of products as much as those who bought them and from there, Carthage.Co was born. Named after the ancient city of Carthage that once served as a connecting point of Mediterranean trade, the Carthage.Co. mission is to provide a valuable point of connection that starts in Tunisia and ends at your dinner table, bringing you beautifully crafted artisan stoneware without a luxury price tag.  As an MBA student and world traveler, Andrew took his entrepreneurial spirit to the next level wanting to transform people’s lives having social impact. Paul, an experienced traveler spending years in Africa prior, moved to Tunisia and embraced its forward-thinking culture. Through his immersion, he discovered quality products that would be worth exporting to the American market. With Carthage.Co they want to honor and empower Tunisian artisans while creating jobs in the U.S. They partner with local manufacturers that employ and empower their communities with dignity and equity. Using a direct to consumer model, they hope to better connect customers to the artisans who make these products.

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