Monday, June 24, 2019

World Wisdom: CasusGrill

Most dads love to cook out, but even those who aren’t into grilling will be intrigued by CasusGrill. Made from cardboard, bamboo, and lava stone, this ingenious Danish invention assembles quickly, lights with a match and heats without flames within minutes to 600°F. Throw on some burgers, steak, chicken, sea food, kebabs, or veggies and smell the aroma as the food is cooked to perfection – seared on the outside, juicy on the inside.

With CasusGrill, there’s no fuel or lighters to buy, no flames to burn the food, and no messy cleanup of gunky metal grill grates. When you are done, douse it and toss it in the trash, burn it in a campfire, or bury it. When you want to grill again, just open another CasusGrill and start fresh.

“No matter what you do – a family picnic, a romantic picnic, camping, even in your own backyard – your food comes out perfect and there is nothing to clean at the end,” says Maher Hakim, CEO of LavacaUSA, exclusive distributor for CasusGrill in the U.S.

CasusGrill is designed to appeal to day hikers, backpackers, cyclists, anglers, hunters, campers, equestrians, tailgaters, and other sports enthusiasts – anyone who loves cooking and eating outdoors. It is available for $14.99 from major outdoors and sports retailers, including Ace Hardware, Bloomingdale’s, Academy Sports, The Grommet, Huckberry, Macy’s, World Market and others.

 I had a chance to do an interview to learn more.

Why was the Casus Grill developed? There was an environmental need to have biodegradable grills.
About how much can fit on the grill at once?The same as a regular portable grill.
What's your favorite grilling recipe? Marinade chicken in garlic lemon juice olive oil and salt and grill.

About: Maher Hakim is CEO of LavacaUSA, exclusive US distributor for CasusGrill, the world’s only portable, instant, 100 percent natural & biodegradable grill. Conceived in Denmark, the award-winning CasusGrill is an economical, environmentally friendly solution for cooking anywhere outdoors without the hassles of conventional grills.

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