Saturday, September 14, 2019

Book Nook: SheFactor

There are lots of books and ideas out there giving advice to young women who might feel pressured to choose between success and having fun. SheFactor shows how women can have both.

I had a chance to review this book by Heidi Ganahl, an entrepreneur and founder of multi-million dollar franchise, Camp Bow Wow. She wants young women to feel inspired to live a life of purpose with greater authenticity, empowerment, and fulfillment.
Through personal experiences and watching her own daughter navigate her college years, Ganahl decided to launch her latest project with writing SheFactor where she recounts on her own life lessons, successes, failures, and more. Ganahl has created a successful roadmap for readers that provides guidance, tips and insight.

The book is upbeat, inspiring, and targeting towards helping young women life their best lives.
I had a chance to do an interview to learn more.

Why did you write SheFactor?
The idea for SheFactor was launched to help young women see the power they’ve got and to encourage them to use it. When my daughter Tori was about to graduate from the University of Oregon, I started working with her to craft a plan for what was next after college.  I realized that I had all these tools and resources from my personal and professional experiences (from building my team of young leaders at Camp Bow Wow).  I started sharing these plans with my daughter and they worked. I started to help other young women using the same ideas, so then I thought- why don’t I try to help more young women going through these same obstacles.   

Why is it important for women to feel empowered?
It gives them confidence to build a life they love, rather than caving to others opinions on what they should be doing.  It feels so much better to be intentional about your life, and build your career and your relationships around your passions and the way you like to live.   It’s also important to help young women find their voice and articulate what they need from others to be successful.

What sets your book apart from other books?
This isn’t just a book of advice, it’s about action.  Exercises to help move you forward, an app to download with tools and tactics, a blog, podcast and daily email to support you, along with live chapters (Squads) for the camaraderie and connection to get you across the finish line.   It’s a movement!

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