Saturday, September 14, 2019

Book Nook: Lamp to My Feet

I recently had a chance to review Lamp to My Feet by Frances Smith. It's the third book in her Ordinary Man series, but it works just fine as a standalone book.

This book was both difficult to read, and inspiring. It's an intimate look at the heartbreak that occurs when watching a loved one struggle with pain and addiction. In the book, Frances writes about the loss that occurs, and also the love for Mark that provides an anchor.

I like the perspective that the book takes - that the "lamp to my feet" verse doesn't necessarily mean we'll see everything at once, but that we'll see the next step, and then the next step, that we're supposed to follow.

If you're facing a loved one struggling with pain or addiction, this can be an inspiring book to show what one woman went through and survived. If you've ever wondered (like I have) why people stay in certain circumstances, this book can provide powerful insight.

After a twenty-five year career in journalism, public relations and communications, Frances Smith began writing books to share her husband Mark Smith’s astounding testimony of faith and service to the Lord.  She authored the memoirs Cleft of the Rock and Thorn in the Flesh with Mark, then penned the third book in the series, Lamp to My Feet, after Mark took his own life following 37 years of chronic back pain. Frances lives in her native South Carolina. She’s the mother of three grown children and loving stepmother to Mark’s two grown children.

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