Saturday, September 28, 2019

Book Nook: Why, Gary, Why? The Jody Plauché Story

Why, Gary, Why? The Jody Plauché Story is worse than any nightmare — because it was real. Jody was just a young boy from Baton Rouge when he was raped for over a year, then kidnapped and taken 2,000 miles from home by his karate teacher. When Jody's father put a bullet through the head of his captor in front of a news crew, the nation watched in horror as the footage was aired again and again. Now, Jody candidly recounts his shocking story and answers questions on behalf of his late father.

I had a chance to interview the author to learn more.

Why did you decide to write this book?
In 1991 I appeared on The Geraldo Rivera television day time talk show sharing my story of abuse. Shortly after the show aired the local police in Baton Rouge arrested this Pastor who had been molesting the two young boys.

One of the boys came forward after seeing me of the Geraldo Show. That's when I knew I had to share my story to raise awareness. 

How can parents reduce the risk of their child being sexually abused?
  1. Don't let your child alone with anybody. But since that is impossible you should limit who has access to your children.  
  2. Be wary of someone too good to be true. 
  3. Talk to your children starting at a young age 
  4. Remember,  if someone wants to spend more time with your child than you do...that's a huge red flag. 
  5. Limit your negative comments about how you would respond "if anyone ever touches my child."  Don't say you would kill them. Most perpetrators are someone known and trusted the the child and their parents.
  6. Finally look for age inappropriate behavior.  Knowledge, masturbatory behavior, words, etc.  
How can people help victims of sexual abuse or assault?
  1. Believe them.
  2. Support them
  3. Don't blame them
  4. Refer them to a local center for possible support
  5. Help provide them with options and let them chose the best option for them
  6. Support them
What do young adults and college students need to know about sexual assault and rape?
The easiest answer is to watch The Documentary "The Hunting Grounds." College can be a wonderful place. I went to Nashville this weekend to watch LSU play Vanderbilt in football.

But it also can be a dangerous place. There are a lot of people that do not have your best interests in mind.

That's why I think my book is important because it does not just address what I went through...but it addresses many aspects of sexual violence...recovery and risk reduction.  

Its available on Amazon in paperback and kindle ;) 

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