Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Enriching Education: Whistlefritz Language Learning

I teach German, raise my kids bilingual, and try to learn other languages, so I was looking forward to the opportunity to review Whistlefritz.

Whistlefritz is an award-winning language immersion program. Immersion learning aims to model a natural learning approach, providing content in the target language with support so that learners absorb the language in a natural way. After having learned German first with a traditional approach and now raising my own children in more of an immersion environment, I can definitely say that they have not had the struggles I originally did.

Whistlefritz has a variety of products for classroom or home use (whether part of a homeschool curriculum or just for at-home enrichment). Currently material is available in Spanish and French.

The DVD and CD I received were fun and upbeat - definitely good for younger learners, or even older learners who are willing to give it a chance (my German kids are usually up for doing "little kid" things, especially if it means not doing a worksheet or something more traditional). Words are used in context with skits, songs, and visual aids. If I were teaching Spanish, it's definitely the kind of thing I'd incorporate!

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