Saturday, March 28, 2020

World Wisdom: Rootd Health

Rootd Health is a company committed to giving men, women and prenatal mommies a way to drink their way to better health AND a healthier planet.

This fizzy vitamin drink aims to change both the vitamin industry and the way we view sustainable eco-packaging within the USA by setting higher standards for what we consume and how it should be packaged.
Rootd is formulated and tested by nutritionists who are on a mission to create a healthier planet by making these high-potency drinks entirely in the United States, using bio-compostable packaging that contains less than 5% total plastics. In the sea of plastic bottles cluttering our local vitamin isle, Rootd hopes to start a packaging revolution by being one of the only brands in the isle with this level of commitment to our Earth. Less plastic in our packages is crucial; it equals a healthier planet with less waste and debris in our land and seas.
Furthermore, the company has pledged to make their product 100% plastic free and bio-compostable within the next decade. Until then, the Rootd Health team is planting 10 million trees and cleaning up 10 million pounds of plastics from the Earth and seas. This means that anyone who drinks this 100% pure formula can experience a delicious way to achieve better health, while knowing that their planet will be healthier as well. 
The Rootd creators hope that their standards will show us for Earth Day, and every day, that we can have a better future by making it plastic-free now. 
These vitamin pros have also created a fun and healthy way for us to take our vitamins without sacrificing quality or nutrient density, and without having to choke down a pill or eat a gummy vitamin (which is essentially eating candy). Rootd Health aims to be the “third way” we take our vitamins – with just one delicious and truly healthy drink each day!  
The Rootd formula is 100% sugar free, chemical free, gluten free and tested to ensure that men, women and prenatal mothers get the vitamins and nutrients we need for better health in a transparent way. This powerhouse drink is formulated to taste delicious and add a fizzy fun drink to your daily life with a few fun extras like natural energy, probiotics and Super Greens to keep “things” on track.

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