Thursday, June 25, 2020

Consumer Critique: StickTogether

StickTogether® offers collaborativeinclusive activities and products through its innovative sticker mosaic puzzle posters. StickTogether provides large-scale puzzles which take shape as they are completed with coded stickers. When completed the magnificent image is revealed. StickTogether was first introduced at the World MakerFaireNY and the response was overwhelming. 

I had a chance to review one of their puzzles. It's a great activity for bored kids, and something everyone can do. The diagrams are easy to follow, and they can be completed a little bit at a time, by one person or collaboratively by a family or other small group. Because it's just pulling off and matching stickers with letters, nearly everyone can do it.

The StickTogether product line includes such images as the Hot Air Balloons, Tiger, Starry Night and many more. Most of the kits are made up of 4,000 stickers, but some are as large as 7,000. They have a ton of designs, so there's something that will make anyone happy to work on - it's a fun way to do art, especially for people that don't feel like they're creative or artistic.

For media wishing to cover StickTogether and its range of positive attributes and possibilities the company can provide a free kit. Media interested in this placement can call press contact below.

To purchase the StickTogether go to


StickTogether Products develops innovative, inclusive products that encourage group activity and interactivity. The Company’s signature line of sticker mosaic puzzle posters are revealed when a multitude of colorful “pixel” stickers are placed on a coded poster by a group of participants. The company markets over 40 different images with new ones added regularly. StickTogether kits are sold on the Company’s website ( and through various marketing partners. StickTogether also produces custom images. The kits are widely used in classrooms, libraries, maker-spaces, senior centers, group homes and after school programs, as well as by families looking for a relaxing, device-free group activity. StickTogether was founded by Sylvia Stein and Ivy Epstein in 2016 after an overwhelming response at World MakerFaireNY in 2015. The Company is based in New York with offices also in Colorado. All kits are made in the USA. Follow StickTogether at or or or

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