Monday, September 21, 2020

Book Nook: Positive, Uplifting Books from Mango

 I recently had the chance to review several books from Mango Publishing that are great for anyone who needs a little bit of inspiration. The way they're written makes them appropriate for people in nearly every area of life, and they all have just a little bit different take on self-improvement or feeling better about yourself.

The 7 Habits on the Go, based on the 7 Habits books, is a way to provide short reflections on the habits anywhere you are. The book is designed to encourage a growth mindset, leading to higher levels of success. The compact format makes it easy to bring along and read anywhere, and the book encourages reflection to help the message of the book sink in more deeply.

I Believe in Me: Finding Joy with Heartwarming Affirmations (Illustrations and Comics on Depression and Mental Health, For Fans of The Happiness Trap) - this is an adorable book. My younger daughter has actually enjoyed reading this in bed at night to help herself recharge after a stressful day. Sometimes when she's bummed out, she'll just ask me to read a page or two for her. The illustrations are upbeat and cute without being to cheesy. It's a great book for anyone who wants just a few pages of positive thinking here and there.

Emotionfull: A Guide to Self-Care for Your Mental Health and Emotions (Help with Self-Worth and Self-Esteem) - this book is a collection of tips and advice from someone who has struggled with mental health. It encourages emotional reflection and mental health, as well as encouraging readers to listen to their own needs. It touches on processing overwhelming emotions - and, my favorite part, provides ways to have conversations about mental health. It gives great tools for helping reduce the stigma around mental health conversations.

Affirm Your Life: Your Affirmations Journal for Purpose and Personal Effectiveness - I was surprised at how much my younger daughter liked this book. Normally she doesn't like anything girly, and this definitely has a little more feminine touch to the color scheme and layout. However, it's full of good prompts and questions for reflection, combined with encouraging words. Even if you're not into journaling, this can be a powerful tool to help you reflect and be inspired.

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