Thursday, December 17, 2020

Book Nook: It's Brave to Cry

It’s okay to cry. That’s the lesson for Clay, the young hero of It’s Brave to Cry. Written by new children’s author Rebecca Robinson, based on her master’s-level studies in developmental psychology—this heartfelt story shows children, especially boys, that talking about their emotions is a very brave thing to do.

Clay is a seven-year-old Black boy who struggles with expressing his emotions. After a particularly hard day at school, he sets off on a journey to ask some of the bravest people he knows if they cry, too. What Clay find out when he meets a brave firefighter, scuba-diver, and high-rise window washer is that everyone cries. As they share Clay's journey, young readers also will learn how important it is to ask for help when they need it.

“There are quite a few children's books that discuss the importance of identifying and expressing emotions, but barely any of them are targeted towards Black children," said Robinson. “For boys especially, I want them to know that crying is okay and understanding your emotions and talking through them is a very brave thing to do.”

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