Thursday, December 17, 2020

ProForm Kicking Academy - Interview with Mike Hollis

 Former NFL All-Pro kicker Mike Hollis is bringing his many years of professional kicking experience to teach the next generation. Hollis’ techniques that he uses to teach his students are unique and allow the athlete to get 100 percent of their body weight and forward momentum into the kick, to get the most of out of them, regardless of their athletic abilities.

ProForm Kicking Academy also specializes in a great live digital coaching program via an online “ProForm Digital Masterclass” platform. 

President/owner of ProForm Kicking Academy Mike Hollis says, “As a career starter playing in a total of 132 NFL games in eight seasons (including playoffs), scoring 949 career points with an overall field goal percentage of 80.6 percent (88.9 percent in career playoffs), all while standing only 5'7" tall and 180 pounds, I'd say that my success was a direct result of my trusted ProForm kicking technique, not just solely on my average athletic abilities. This technique is not common in the industry, as it focuses on forward momentum and body weight, not just the kicking leg. There are limits to each and every skill ever practiced and performed in any sport.  Focusing on ProForm Kicking technique, our athletes are given the ability to reach their highest of all limits within kicking and punting skills.”

The ProForm approach is very detailed and teaches the most efficient and effective kicking and punting fundamentals to make any disciplined and dedicated kicker or punter reach their ultimate goals. 

Hollis adds, I know from personal experience...who would have ever thought that a guy my size, with very average athletic abilities, would be able to become All-Pro at the highest level of football in the world?

ProForm Kicking Academy 

Unlike many other kicking camps and digital coaching platforms out there, ProForm Kicking Academy focuses on the many very specific attributes that are involved within each swing of the kick. Much like the golf swing, there are a number of problematic issues that need to be addressed on a consistent basis. It takes very experienced coaches to identify each of these specific movements and correct them when needed. The ProForm Kicking coaches have over 50 combined years of recognizing proper and improper movements within the kicking and punting motions...not only by visually seeing them, but by experiencing them as well. Both Coach Hollis and Coach Jim Gaetano have kicked thousands of footballs at all levels of football and have learned to identify and correct any problems they have encountered. That is what separates an average kicker from a great kicker...and ProForm Kicking will assist in that transformation!

What is important about being a good coach, besides knowing about the game and techniques?

* The most important aspect of being a good coach is having the ability to not only explain the proper technique in a way that the student understands, but also to have the ability to demonstrate the exact aspects you are explaining.  The coach must show confidence in what he or she is coaching, so to add credibility to the technique being taught.  There's also a mental training aspect that the coach must implement within the strategy of coaching the technique.  This is different with ProForm Kicking as the mental side of kicking is explained as nothing more than simply having confidence in the technique in a way that the athlete develops such a very strong trust in his or her technique, that the actual result of the kick doesn't matter to that athlete.  Having the ability to understand that proper technique is the reason the results are good, rather than having the athlete try to athletically make the ball go where he or she has pre-planned.

What should parents look for when they're choosing a sports program?
* Parents of athletes need to highly consider the experience of the coach(es) and programs, and the actual techniques being taught.  Coaches and programs that have a long history of success should be a clear and obvious choice to consider.

What makes your kicking philosophies unique and successful?
* The fact that I played at the highest level of football in the world for 9 years, was All-Pro, was the most accurate kicker in NFL history for 16 months...all while standing 5'7" tall, weighing 180lbs, with very average athletic abilities.  I could never be competitive in the NFL kicking world by using just those average attributes, therefore my technique had to be the answer.  The secret to our kicking philosophies is that it allows the potential for the athlete to implement 100% of their body and weight into each kick.  Think of it as having the ability to use 3 separate aspects together as a TEAM, all at the point of contact...1) Forward Momentum Body Weight, 2) Firm Body Position, 3) Kicking Leg Swing.  The problem with most athletes who don't know better, is that they are using way too many inefficient movements while kicking and punting and the put way too much emphasis on the kicking leg only.  The combination of the three mentioned aspects will result in the most effective and efficient technique that will produce the best height, distance, and direction of the kick or punt.

What is important about the mental side of kicking in particular, and sports in general?
* The mental side of kicking changes throughout the process of perfecting the proper "Pro" Form and technique.  Young kickers and punters who are not aware of proper technique do not need to spend much effort in the mental side, as they typically just rely on their own athletic abilities in making kicks.  As mentioned above, ProForm Kicking technique gives each athlete the potential to dial in their mental efforts within the trust they have in the form.  Once a certain level of trust is attained, the athlete will have the ability to transform from the "result driven" kicker to the "form driven" kicker, thus making the mental side of kicking more of a backwards way of thinking.  In other words, most kickers and punters put way too much emphasis on the result of the kick, rather than what really makes the kick go where it's supposed to go.  The idea here is that the emphasis needs to be on the process of the kick, and the result will happen, as a result of proper form.  The mental side of sports in general can be summed up into a few words...there's no need to do anything more on game day than what's been done in practices.  When the athlete tries to add too much to their skill(s) on game day, this leads to that athlete second guessing everything they've worked so hard on during practices...why change anything on game day?

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